Grace Micaiah is 8 - A Light in The Darkest Time

Our Grace girl turns 8 tomorrow. She is such a special girl. The Lord gave her to us at exactly the right time, even though at the time I thought it was all wrong. It seems like this whole post should only be about Grace, but the beginning of her life was woven into Micah's story. Her name gives testament to that. Grace Micaiah. Grace, because of the Lord's tender care for us during her pregnancy and in the darkness that we walked. Micaiah, because I thought they might not ever meet in person and if they did, it would have been short. I wanted her to have a piece of her brother that she would never know.

Her pregnancy was one of the most beautiful, but one of the toughest. Micah relapsed when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. Truthfully, to me, it was the worse case scenario. I had watched a mom lose her 2 year old to cancer while she was very pregnant, the first time Micah went through treatment and I just didn't think I could survive that. I  grieved deeply for that family …
As teenagers, we spent a lot of time at John E. Pearce. Back then you could stand at the fence and look over the water and even walk down a trail and go down to the beach. Beautiful. Now erosion is happening and the fence is so far back that you can't even see the water. Last Saturday, Ken and I climbed a low part of the fence so we could stand at the water. We are rule breakers! (wink). It's still so beautiful and it brings back so many memories. My favorite memory happened on Saturday, June 1st, 1996. Ken proposed to me on the beach. We got married the next year on that same Saturday.

May 31st was our 21st-anniversary and this summer marks 25 years as a couple. It's hard to believe.

 This picture was taken two weeks after Micah relapsed. I was about 14 weeks pregnant with Grace here. We were doing our 'last' complete family picture session. The sorrow is palpable in this picture.

Here Micah had been healthy for about a year and a half and the Lord had given us t…
This weekend has been a beaut. It's been so nice to have everyone home and I don't want it to end. I feel like we are just getting started.

A few of the kids went for a walk on the elevated bridge on Sunday afternoon. I love these pictures. They are roads we travel every single day. This perspective is so big picture! (:
(photo cred Nat and Micah)

A messy Sunday night supper on the fire. I am not a fan of our fire pit so close to the field. When the field is planted, I am paranoid that we are going to start the field on fire because that is something that would happen to us. (winky face)

Leaves on our trees thrill me...

But the expanse of grass we have to cut - not so much. We have lots of sections:  by the road, down the side of the laneway, a chunk in front of the house, a chunk, behind the house and the backfield. We have two push mowers and the kids and I cut every day last week. We got it done and now we have to start over again. It's kind of like the wash, but much b…
It's 8:20 on Siah's birthday morning. I have 5 kids sleeping and have decided to let them sleep. It's so quiet in here. It's bliss really. (: Usually I get them all up at 7:30 because I prefer to start school by 8:30. The sun is shining in the window and I really need this quiet time at the end of this week. We are winding down in school and will be done by the end of May so I don't feel bad about taking this day. When it's rare, we can do it without guilt. (:

Ken and Micah left at 7:30 and I have been just tidying up and listening to music with Micah's amazing headphones. So even if Tessa has woken up, I can't hear her. (winky face here). I am usually a loud and boisterous music girl or I listen to podcasts or to a show on CBC. I am very guilty of always having noise in my ears. I don't take enough time to be still. But this morning calls for acoustic and soft music. A song about Heaven by Matt Redman, which is based on my favourite verses in Revel…

Josiah is 12

Here is our last birthday for a while. We have 4 birthdays jammed pretty close - March 29, April 2, April 10 and April 20.  Natalie was hoping Tessa would have waited to be induced. That would have put her into April as well. Micah and Grace round us out in January and June.  
Our numbers are big this year... Josh- 20, Micah- 16, Natalie- 14, Josiah- 12, Grace- 8 and Tessa - 2. I will add another - Ken will 45. That is a pretty big one too. (:

Siah is a quiet one, but such an important part of the family. It's nice to take a minute to reflect on this little sweetheart.

 is so very tender. is keen to do school and loves to read. He loves electronics almost equally.  has a way of loving his mom that I can't put into words.  is the dishwasher man. He rearranges the dishwasher after I load it. I really think my loading is adequate. lol He does it to be helpful. He is super methodical and can fit tons in. (: likes to give facts about people or things he read about. "Did…